Monday, June 24, 2013

Breaking Up With Boyfriend - The Campus 5 College Survival Guide

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Is it possible to make a guy regret losing you?

The only time that a breakup is bearable, is when the relationship ends because both people decide that the feelings they once had for each other have faded dramatically. However, when one partner breaks up with the other, the breakup is absolutely devastating.

He has probably dumped you for his various reasons. Maybe it's for a new girl, or he needs time; it could be anything. Whatever it is, you'll want him to regret losing you. So, here are some ways to make him regret breaking up with you.

1. Start dating he's best friend. He will definitely get hurt. It will ruin their relationship as he ruin yours.

2. Learn how to play guitar and record a breakup album. You can become the next Taylor Swift and things can go right. He takes to listen and it will make him realize how amazing girlfriend you were and he might want to give it another try.

3. Start dressing like a super hottie with a body and strutting your stuff around campus. Well, since you asked what you are, make yourself as beautiful as you can and go out with friends in the scene, he drags. Let him make you a good overview of flirting with other guys, but ignore them, and leave suddenly. He is from, as we saw, and his ego is hurt, because you will be surprised ignored. But it begins to feel his old desire for you.

4. Tell every girl on campus that he has a raging STD. He will go crazy and he will absolutely hate you for this so be careful. This is way too much already.

5. Write him a sweet letter or love note asking to be back together. Reuniting with your ex. Remember that reuniting is a process, you cannot simply jump back into a relationship without fixing the problems that lead to the break up first. So, think it over first.

If you want to make your exboyfriend regret breaking up with you, know the power of rejection. Most men suffer from fear of rejection whole life. Men truly hate the thought of being rejected by a woman. You can use the power of rejection as your advantage over your exboyfriend. Though he rejected you, yet you can make him feel ‘being rejected’. Now stop your pleading behavior and do not seem desperate for him. You must be determined to tell him that you are comfort with the breakup. Now leave him without knowing his own points. First time, he will be felt ‘being rejected’ by you.

Make your inner self strong and positive. You should manage your thoughts and spend all your time to improve yourself. Play the best role of yourself. This is the best time for self-improvement. Spend time to get rid of your old bad habits. Let the world see the best of you. Re-arrange your time so that you can focus more on your career. Achieve something new in your life so that you can proud of you. Love yourself and spend some time on social works. All these things are important to make him regret breaking up with you.

Nothing else can give you a guaranteed and secure future, unless he realizes your worth, preferably the hard way.

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