Monday, June 17, 2013

Campus 5 - How Do You Know If Your Boyfriend is Cheating or Lying?

He's been kind of shady, you say? You're not with him 24/7 and you just don't know what else is going on in his world. We don't blame you. It's natural to have doubts sometimes. So is he lying or is he telling the truth?

You can certainly ask him, but he can (err) lie some more. Don't be paranoid. Do your research first and then respond accordingly. Not sure how? Read on for some signs that he may be lying. After you assess the situation, it's okay to take the next step to know if your boyfriend is lying or even cheating on you.

1. When you ask him a question and you suspect he is lying, one of the signs could be on his face and he will tell you everything there is to know. He'll avert his eyes when responding. This is something most people do when having to come up with a lie on the spur of the moment. It's an involuntary reflex. If they look away to one side or the other, they're trying to avoid looking at you. If they look down, the odds are good they are trying to think up a response as quickly as possible.

2. Another way to catch if your boyfriend is lying is by paying close attention to his big manly shoulders. They'll shrug at odd times. If he's saying something definitive — "I was with my buddies last night!" — while shrugging one or both shoulders, watch out. The movement indicates that he's subconsciously remaining uncommitted to what he's saying.

3. You might also be able to know your boyfriend is lying by looking at his middle section or torso. Other body signals include either an increase in gestures or an unusual stillness. If your boyfriend’s torso is completely rigid and still without much flexibility, which is a sign that he's on guard and trying to protect his dirty little secret.

4. His arms will also give him away. Because a liar feels tense and nervous, his hands and feet tend to move with more frequency and often in rather jerky, awkward ways. Along with these motions, notice if he rhythmically opens and closes his hands or places them in his pockets (to hide how nervous he feels). Placing his palms downward may also indicate that he’s not telling the truth. As well if he crosses his arms, it's a defensive position which is a sign that he's lying or maybe perhaps cheating.

5. The last way you'll be able to know is to catch him red handed in a lie is by studying his hands. A liar doesn't want you to examine what he says too closely. And so he'll often unconsciously bring a hand to his face — to scratch a nose, or rub an eye, or stroke a chin — in an attempt to "block" the words as they're coming out of his mouth.

Obviously you can't always know if a guy is lying to you, especially if he is really good at it. Your gut tells you something is wrong. If you feel like something is off, it probably is. It may not be exactly what your imagination is suggesting, but we don’t experience knots for no reason. Remember, a liar boyfriend is a cheater boyfriend..

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