Monday, June 3, 2013

The Campus 5 | 5 Things Women Should Never Lie About

Campus 5! Tips for College Girls about Sex, Dating, and More…

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Think telling him a little white lie can’t hurt? Wrong! A guy reveals the tall tales that could cost you true love... So listen up!

First, don't lie about how much you like sports. Your interest in sports isn't as important to him as you think. Your interest in sports isn't as important to him as you think. If you really aren’t that interested in his favorite football or basketball team, it shouldn’t bother him one bit. But if he takes sports seriously and you’re misquoting stats, butchering player's names and feigning interest in the score, it will be more annoying than endearing. He will know if your interest is genuine or not, so don’t fake it.

You love his college friends and don't mind if they come over. If you’re not “cool” with his inner circle, you shouldn’t pretend to be. While you should keep an open mind when getting to know them, it's imperative that you find a way to be open with him about your reservations instead of forcing yourself to hang out with people you just don’t care for.

The Ex-Factor. If your ex is still in the picture, say so. It’s just as important not to hide a connection to an ex, as it is for him to reveal any college girl in his life. As long as you both keep it real in this department, there will be no unwanted surprises.

Your number. Discussing your college sex life is always tricky, but it's unavoidable if things between you are becoming serious. I know most college girls won't be in agreement here but, when it does come up, I say be open and honest about it. If he asks how many people you've slept with before him, don't give him the "safe" number. Give your college boyfriend the real one. If he can't handle your answer, that's on him—not you. He should've taken heed when his mother told him to never ask a college girl a question you don't want the answer to.

The "real" you. Additions and enhancements are cool, but at some point the man you’re dating should be able to meet the real you. I know that at times certain outfits may require some "help.” But don’t let padded bras, body shapers and hair weaves mask the real you. That’s who he is most interested in, promise. Or at least, Mr. Right should be.

Your bedroom activities. Don’t ever tell your college boyfriend he’s the best you’ve ever had unless it's the actual truth. You may want to feed his ego, but it won’t work that way if you’re lying. If you tell your college boyfriend that he's the best then he has no room to improve. Compliment him but don't overdo it. He’ll appreciate it the realness.

Your marriage goals. Most college girls assume that talking about marriage will scare a man off, but that’s false. The man that’s right for you will want to know where you really stand—especially if he’s on a different path. There is a way to be open about where you desire to be in the future in terms of your relationship without putting too much pressure on the present situation. Saying you don’t want to be married when you clearly do, will send him running for the hills.

Keeping it real counts! Keeping things honest will help you avoid leading Mr. Wrong or turning Mr. Right off. Be yourself and be real. Little white lies will get you nowhere!

That’s it for this edition of the Campus 5.

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