Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Tips On How To Gain Your Man’s Trust In A Relationship

Building a foundation in a relationship is important and sometimes guys had a hard time to trust.  So here are some tips on how to gain your man’s trust in a relationship.

1. Little Gesture

2. Let him hang out with your friends

3. Let him see your recent text

4. Be totally open

Guys are just like clams once they open up their shell, you want to do whatever you can to keep it open. And if he has some naughty fantasies, you might need some sex toys for the bedroom to make his fantasies a reality.

Adam and Eve Naughty Rabbit Vibrator Review

Adam and Eve’s Naughty Rabbit is made from soft and durable TPE,waterproof,  has 7 speed of shaft rotation, 6 speed of vibration for stimulation, rotating beads and swirl covered shaft. It has universal power switch, separate button for vibration and rotation you can use it in combination if you’d like.

Girl on Girl LIPSTICK Tips

Hi I’m Destiny and here are my LIPSTICK tips for girl on girl experience that you need to know:

L  - Loop and Massage Oil it gives you a nice and sensual massage

I   - In this video I’m going to give you an awesome code for more discounts

P -  Play and have fun, figure out what your likes and dislikes

S - Strap On for hands free fun and sexy slave kit for blind folds

T - Take turns with the strap on

I - Infinite

C - Code for special offer

K - Keep watching for more videos from me and Adam and Eve to get promotional discounts and other tips to make your college experience much better.

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Sex Tips for Him: How To Please a Woman and Get Laid Like a Champion

So, you've gone on a few dates. You had fun and you even made out a few times. She likes you or at least you think she likes you. She tells you that she doesn't fuck on the first date but it looks like she doesn't fuck on the 8th date either. She's been calling herself your girlfriend, now you're getting horny but she won't patch. Well, I can help! Just follow along and I will teach you everything you need to say and do in order for her to drop her panties and beg for your cock between your thighs. Just watch this video until the very end and I'll give you a special treat!

Most people know me by my first name and when girls scream my name in the bedroom, it's Jack Gary. I'm gonna tell you some few moves that will make your girlfriend just as horny as you. It's actually much easier than you think. In order to get all these moves, you have to watch the video until the very end. Trust me, it will all be worth it.

First of all, be reliable. In order for a woman to want to sleep with you, she needs to trust you first. It's a woman thing and it actually makes sense. You can't blame nature when you can't make your dick wet.

Get proactive. When it comes to being reliable, you have to be there for her. That means you can't be late, can't flake out on dates and when she's alone and crying because her boss yelled at her, you better be at her doorstep with a box of tissues and ice cream. The more she can trust and rely on you, the closer you will be to having sex with her.

Be patient. Sure, waiting until you get to the point where you are boyfriend and girlfriend and to have sex feels like a long time but you never wanna push it. It's a little bit like sitting on an egg and waiting for it until it hatched. Last thing you wanna do is hatch the egg prematurely and find yourself with a stillborn bird. Eventually, she'll take off her top and let her big beautiful breasts drop into your face and she'll be begging for your delicious manly and next time it won't be cold cocks.

Be romantic. There are number of ways to be romantic. Probably think of a few classics like a nice dinner and a movie, a picnic in the park at sunset, a hot air balloon ride, anything that will sweep her off her feet and ride on to your dick. Think romantically. The more romantic you are, the more she will be willing to express her affection in a sexual way.

Be a turn on not a turn off. Turning on is easier than you think and it might even start with taking a shower and cleaning your room. No girl likes a messy guy. You might also wanna get a new outfit and your car detail. The more you take the initiative to look fuckable, the more fuckable you will be. You will get her in second no time.

So, there you have it! Take these tips and suggestions to heart because they will be responsible for getting you laid. Half of it though is completely up to you.

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Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Stan and Jeff – What Does Oppan Gangnam Style Mean?

We all have sex. We all love sex. We all want sex. But there are still people out there who hold that reproduction is the function and that pleasure is not at the forefront of our sexual lives. To those people, we say, get real. Sex is about connection, exploration, pleasure and fun. What is more fun than toys?

Pleasure your woman! Communicate your desire to be sexual with her and intent to make her pleasure a priority. Get some sex toys into the experience. You can take a view that sex should be fun - of course, it can be many other things as well: spiritual, passionate, loving, healing - but it can also just be fun! When you're playing sexually, messing around with your partner in fun sexual play, you can use sex toys to add to the pleasure, and you can enjoy them when you masturbate on your own.

You'll find there are hundreds of dildos, cock rings, vibrators, duo-balls, massage oils, condoms, inflatable toys, realistic vaginas and blow up male dolls, and other toys galore but they all have only one purpose - to get you to orgasm with pleasure. The simple fact is this, that sex toys can be a great way of enhancing your sex life, especially if you're a bit repressed. Certainly, you can add immensely to your sexual repertoire, and you can push the boundaries of your sexual experience further than they have been taken before, both inside and outside intercourse.

No man can guess what their partner wants and get it right every time. The truth is, we get it wrong more than right, so why guess. Do yourself a favor, find the courage to communicate, figure out what drives her wild and never forget what you learned. Good communication beats guessing and assumptions every time.

So, what are you waiting for?

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Monday, September 23, 2013

How to Spice Up Your Sex Life after a Hard Days Work and Increase Your Sex Drive

Do you know the feeling? You're really turned on and a hot guy is really coming on to you. But a full day of walking around the campus and taking classes can easily make you way too tired to get it on. It seems like absolutely nothing can wake you up. However, I'll tell you that there are a few things you can do so that you're never too tired for sex. Just follow along closely to this video because if you do, you'll be given a special link where you can pick all sorts of goodies that can make your sex life actually come to life.

If you really think about it, men really have it made. Even if they're too tired, it doesn't take much for them to get enough for each other for you to mount yourself on while they lie there half awake. However, with women, things get a little trickier. I guess guys can take a few of this pointers too because there is nothing like being perky and ready to get down even if you've been feeling completely exhausted. If you just pay attention and follow the video, you won't only learn some valuable tools for the bedroom but you'll get a special link where you can get all sorts of delightful erotic tricks.

First, a little eyes close to fantasize him. In fact, when you're not totally in mood it can spice things up. It's okay to think about that hot scene in the movie with Ryan Gosling or that guy's abs you saw on the beach. Sometimes you just have to heighten your senses a little. Either way, a blindfold can quickly give you a jumpstart that you need in order to get the juices flowing. Once you do, you can be totally present and really blow your man!

Another great way to get things going is to plant a seed in the morning and wait for it to grow to a big tree by the afternoon. Before he goes to class or work in the morning, just whisper into his ear and tell him what you want to do with him later. Both of you won't be able to stop thinking about the wild sex you'll gonna have later on. And there is no way you'll gonna let a little exhaustion get on the way after all that build up.

Next, ask him to massage you.. naked. Sometimes a full body naked massage can really get things going. Even when you're too tired to do anything. Sometimes the body takes over and decide what it wants for itself. Just strip down and have him massage your whole body. Soon enough you'll be dripping wet and ready to go.

Lastly, you could also watch a quick porn video. Sometimes, the best way to get a quick jumpstart in bed is to watch other people get it on. If you just turn on the mood, the result of a long day classes or something, chances are not much will work especially begging. So, why not flip over your computer and watch a little porn together. You might start notice yourself starting to get more and more turned on..

So, there you have it! All the amazing things that you can do to stay awake, alert and ready for a little sex! Next time don't let your lack of sleep stop you.

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Monday, September 16, 2013

Best Dorm Room Sex Secrets for Men That Worked Wonders

Who knew a healthy sex life was this good for you?

There are many people who think that sex toys are not meant to be part of intercourse. In this day and age, you find that most people just use sex toys to masturbate but when they are with a partner, they solely rely on their bodies to get that sexual pleasure. However, you will realize that adding some sex toys into your sex life is very beneficial and will make your sex life more interesting. Sex toys help you stay sexually primed. Regular self-stimulation helps to promote healthy blood flow to the genitals, and it also helps keep you in touch with your sexual fantasies and desires. Sex toys can play a vital role in self-stimulation, especially for women.

One of the benefits of using sex toys during intercourse is that it is very satisfying. There are very many women who fail to reach orgasms not because the man did not try but because there was not much excitement as they wanted. You know that one hot spot of the women is her clitoris. So any toy that can tease her clitoris while you focus on other parts of the body will leave her hot and wanting all the time. This will help avoid the problem of the woman not being wet enough for your dick.

Sex toys can take you to new levels of sexual pleasure. For most women, orgasm isn’t as easy as one, two, three…. But with toys, orgasms become more frequent, and they can also become more intense and pleasurable. It even enables performance of the sexual acts that may be difficult to sustain for long periods of time. For men it is always a challenge in that they may reach orgasm more quickly than their female partner and then are unable to go on. Here Comes the Sex toy like cock rings, the help in preventing the early ejaculation and at the same time other toys used by female can stimulate her quickly in the beginning to the point of orgasm so that she is already sated before men climaxes!

So, what are you waiting for?

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