Monday, June 10, 2013

The Campus 5 | 5 Reasons Why He Didn’t Call You

Do you find yourself wondering why a guy didn’t call you back after a good date?

You went out on a first date the other night and never heard back from him. At first, you don’t care. You didn’t really feel a spark, and you’ve had better dates before. But then you begin to wonder… Did he not find you attractive? Was it something you said?

Men don't call back because they have trouble being honest. If you and a man hit it off, trade numbers, talk for a while or trade emails, but he never seems to make the initiative to actually see you—then something else is going on. Men often have a hard time sharing the truth about their feelings with women they've just met. Maybe he's already seeing someone else.

Here are the top 5 reasons usually why men don't call back: (And could also be the top 5 signs why he’s just not that into yo)

1. He's just not into you. Have you ever given your number to a man who asked for it, all the while dreading the idea of ever talking to him again? Men do something similar with women. Sometimes men can enjoy a conversation with you but not really be interested in anything more. In this case, a man was just being polite by asking for your number.

2. He has finals or midterms, but he is thinking about you. Just thank the guy for getting back at you but don't offer to tutor him!

3. He had an accident. Yikes! Let's hope this does not happen. But if it does, just send flowers to the family.

4. He has a girlfriend. Oh no! Of course he won't call you back because he was just flirting and looking for a fling. If a man really likes you, but he is more interested in a casual encounter and senses you're not that kind of girl, he'll move on—partially out of respect for you (or his own selfish desires). In either case, the timing is off. Not calling you back was his way of letting you know where he’s at without having to say it directly.

5. He lost your number or forgot to call. Yes, sometimes this really happens. Men lose your number and can’t call. Unfortunately, when it does, some women fill their heads with all kinds of not-so-happy stories that don’t make them feel great.

For starters, none of these 5 reasons have anything to do with who you are as a woman. If you don’t know it yet, it’s your choice to give the situations you come across with men the meaning you want. If you can choose to make more positive meaning for yourself with the things you don’t yet understand about men or dating, odds are just making this small shift for yourself will have big impact on your success and finding and connecting with the right man.

Maybe he’s not that into you, but hey, that just clears your schedule up to find someone who is truly interested in the same things as you are. There’s no need to criticize yourself because you didn’t hear back from him. Just move on, girl!

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