Tuesday, June 18, 2013

What Is A Butt Plug?

If you haven’t heard of a butt plug, you are probably living under a rock. These toys are very popular in porno films, but they are also featured in just about every sex catalog out there. They are also quite popular on the online sex shops.  What is a butt plug?

Butt plugs are a great way to get sexual pleasure from your rectum and anus regions. They typically are smaller than dildos and have an end piece which makes it easy for you to pull it out of your anus. Most butt plugs out there are flared out at the end and have a wide base. They are designed to plug your butt. You should not use them like a normal dildo. Instead, you want to use a lot of lube and slowly slide it into your partners butt. You can use these toys for guys or girls, by the way, and the increased pleasure will be the same. Once the toy is in there, your partner should begin to pleasure you in the normal way. As you approach your orgasm you will notice that your entire lower region, including your ass, starts to contract. This is the pleasure of the butt plug. Having it inside of you makes the contractions much more noticeable and pleasurable.

Crystal Jellies Anal Trainer Kit
Even if you're planning on using an anal butt plug with a partner, we recommend starting out on your own. This gives you the chance to explore and experiment with your new butt plug without any distractions (pleasant though they may be). Using anal plugs on your own is also important as it's the only way you'll be able to tell a partner how you want them to use it on you.

How to use butt plug?

The thin rounded tip and the gradually widening upper cylinder are specifically designed for slow and gradual insertion. When attempting any anal play, slow and steady is always best and never forget lube! The anus is not self-lubricating and though it is lined with soft tissue capable of expansion, the muscles of the anus (or the sphincter) will relax and respond to stimulation and penetration but relaxation is important (that could make for a handy chant; “relaxation…stimulation…penetration”). Go slow and enjoy, pain and rushing have no place in anal play and with time and experience finding the hidden sensations of your ass come easier AND can make you cum easier! The anus is richly endowed with nerve endings and simultaneous stimulation of the anus along with your genitals can and will lead to explosive orgasms.

Now, here's the best butt plug from Adam & Eve!

Stop just talking about anal play –– start enjoying it with this super easy Crystal Jellies Anal Trainer Kit! The fun, safe way to explore anal play! Grab the small jelly butt plug and take it into the shower with you and bring some water-based lube. Lube the slender half-inch wide tip and slowly insert it. Take your time and note how your muscles contract, resist or relax as each ribbed segment enters. Now you're on your way!

When you're ready to move up to a bigger, fuller feeling butt plug set, you'll be ready, because this Crystal Jellies Anal Trainer Kit comes with one!

You also try the vibrating butt plugs! Vibrating butt plug like Lolli Poppers Anal Vibrator is a sweet treat for your ass! It satisfies your hunger for anal thrills!

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