Wednesday, June 19, 2013

How To Be Popular In College

Watch this video from our sexy coed for the week to learn some advice on how to be popular in college.

If you’re an aspiring freshman student then you should be really active in participating activities in the campus. For sure, there are a wide range of activities for college students to choose from. You can join some clubs, engage in sport activities, or even yet you can start your own club. Then you can become the president on your own club, invite other college students to join, and ultimate become popular in college. You can also make a ton of new friends when in college by joining the sports team. Oftentimes, college sports teams are like a family where they treat each team member as their own family member. It would be awesome if you could get out there and be energetic to engage into the sport that you’re good at. And even those little drops of cheerfulness that you throw in to people daily can gain you so much popularity in college.

Most importantly, make sure not to make any enemies or break any bridges with anybody.

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