Tuesday, June 18, 2013

The Best Sex Toys For Men

What is the best sex toy?

Vibrating rings, lube, and dildos are hardly shocking stuff anymore. These are the usual sex toys men use nowadays. When it comes to sex toys, your first thought is probably of the well-known ladies' products. But the boys' corner of the market is booming, with ever more inventive and stylish gadgets hitting the sex shop shelves. Whether you fancy indulging him during couple's play or offering something to enjoy solo, now is the time to get up to speed on the best sex toys for men.

Super Head Honcho Masturbator

What are sex toys for men?

Many men are as unfamiliar with the extent and complexity of their pleasure anatomy as women are and because archaic associations between toys, anal stimulation and sexual identities still exist, many men still feel like they can’t ask. The idea that the penis shaft and head is the most or only erogenous zone for men is as outdated as the idea of the clitoris being a little button on top of the vagina.

After years of marriage and a few babies, you're happier than ever, except for one little thing: Sex has started to seem a little, well, vanilla. These little — not scary — investments can break you out of a funk, and bring back the "oh, wow!" to your bedroom. So try out the best sex toys ever!

Sasha Grey Pocket Pussy

Here are some of the best sex toys for men from Adam & Eve: The ultimate in male pleasure, The Super Honcho Masturbator is the Sex Toy Of The Year! They say it's the most popular sex toy for men! If you love getting great head now you can have it any time you toy want! Lube up and slip your erection through these sexy lips and feel all three suction chambers fire-up a deep balls-emptying orgasm as you stroke! Super-soft and stretchy, it’s 6” long, longer than before, with re-designed suction chambers. Open-ended for easy clean-up. Make sure there’s a chair nearby because you’ll go weak in the knees––it’s that good! You may try the Sasha Grey Pocket Pussy, give a creampie to the hottest adult star in the world with the Sasha Grey Cream Pie Pocket Pussy! This ultra-hot stroker is molded from the folds of Sasha herself, and you’ll see her every contour on display in the sexiest pocket pussy ever! Flick her nubby pink clit or caress her delicate labia lips – every detail is lovingly recreated in life-like UR3 skin, so this stroker feels just like the real thing!

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