Monday, July 1, 2013

5 Ways on How to Seduce A Guy in College

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In college, it’s pretty easy to find a guy and seduce him. They’re always just there. Sitting next to you in class, playing catch (shirtless) on the grass and staring at you from across the bar (hopefully) buying you drinks. So as college girls, we have lots of options.

Admit it. You feel your hottest when you're playing the Latina lipstick, hot nails and dresses that blow up your curves. And as far as dudes are concerned, when it comes to reeling them in, you're the master. If you're in the mood, all you need is a little shimmy on the dance floor—and in the bedroom—and he won't be able to stay away. Want to try something new?

Here are 5 ways on how to seduce a guy the college girl way...

1. Show up at his place. Either his dorm or apartment and wait patiently.. Then he finds you naked and you two make the most sweetest and most passionate love..

2. Send him a naughty, sexy text or a naked photograph. Some girl is flirting with him at a party and he gets the message and realizes that there is no other girl for him in the world but you. So, he ditches the bitch and comes right over to your place.

3. Show up at his work during his lunch break, wearing nothing but a trench coat and then walk into his office, drop the coat and do a sexy dance. Then go into an empty conference room to get it on.

4. When you are at a party with a guy.. Go up to him and play a solo game of spin the bottle. And so, you'll get a nice, long passionate kiss with the hottest guy at the party.

5. Sneak into his room, flirt and tease him. Well, you know what will happen next..

Don't get hung up about your appearance. Many of history's seductresses were beautiful, but many men have strayed from their relationships to be with women who aren't as attractive as their partners. Look your best, but don't compare yourself to other potential lovers. Focus on what you can bring to the encounter.

Ditch spontaneity. If you are both busy with work or studies then you don't necessarily have time to take an indirect route to seduction. Make an appointment to spend some time alone together. Start with touching, and see where your art of seduction leads.

Often women are astonished at how little some men can "read" women. What seems like disinterest can actually be a failure to communicate. Start subtle but don't assume you've failed until you've been direct. Shy men especially may assume that you're not interested off the bat and stop looking for the signs.

Have fun all the time and enjoy your life! Men want to be taken away from their problems. Do not BE the problem. Be so thrilled with life that you radiate excitement and energy.

You hear that, girls? Don’t be the problem. Be happy. Be thrilled with life. Be smiley and fun and radiate excitement and energy as if the sun shines out of you…

And don’t forget to share what you’ve learned about the art of seduction the college girl way.

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