Monday, July 29, 2013

College Life – Should You Join A Fraternity or Sorority To Improve Your Sex Life?

Should you join a fraternity or sorority to jump up your sex life in college?

Well, that is a big myth. In the beginning, when you pledge you'll be more likely to spend time with your sisters and brothers being haze vs dating around.

Greek life may be one of the most defining aspects of college. Many of you may dream of joining a Sorority or Fraternity before entering college, but there are a few things you need to think about before you join.

Eventually, you might get more time to open up and meet new people but you'll realize that maybe more than a semester or so. But do beware of fraternities and sororities because they do often times reinforce stereotypical gender roles. It's not about friends. Not to be mean, but a lot of people join because they want friends. Being part of Greek life is a great way to meet friends, but you can also meet friends outside of Greek life. It may not be as easy, but it is doable. So think of other reasons why you want to join.

Joining a fraternity or sorority is a big decision. It costs money. Like all things in life, going Greek comes at a price. It costs a lot of money to live in a Sorority or Fraternity house as well as all the other expenses you will have to pay. Many social fraternities and sororities are big time commitments; this can be great, but if time is at a minimum for you, you may want to find out more about what is involved. Many social fraternities and sororities also have costly membership dues that must be paid on a regular basis. Before you join, talk with your parents to see if you can handle the expense.

Colleges usually have specific times each semester when you can join a fraternity or sorority. During that time, make sure to ask about time commitments, financial obligations, and anything else you want more information on. Remember: it's okay to ask questions! Don't be afraid of looking silly. If nothing else, your curiosity will indicate that you are really interested in a specific organization and want to find out all you can about it.

One important thing to note, however, is that hazing should never be a part of your pledge process to a fraternity or sorority. Not only are there rules at your school against it, but there are also quite a few laws prohibiting hazing in any form. Even if you think it’s okay and part of a historical process, it's not something that should be taking place. Any fraternity or sorority worth joining is going to make sure that all "initiations" are healthy, fun, and in an environment that supports positive choices. If your alarm bells are going off, listen to them and avoid any situations that make you feel uncomfortable.

Better to choose wisely which fraternity or sorority. What are the reputations of that house that you are joining because you might end up with that reputation for the rest of your college career. Ask around and find one that you're gonna be most comfortable with.

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