Monday, August 5, 2013

How To Maintain Work and Life Balance When In College

It’s that time of year again! You’re approaching that point in the semester when everything gets crazy! Let’s say you have 3 presentations this week, daily assignments to finish, a massive test, family, friend, boyfriend things, work, and trying to keep a social life. If you are there already, let’s go ahead and make up a secret handshake. *Flip, flop, thumb war, fist bump*

We all know that life can get crazy. When things get overwhelming, it gets hard to balance our school schedules with our “real life” schedules. Also, when you’re in love, you are so happy, cheerful, blooming, beautiful, alive, and many more positive things that you can ever imagine. Just make sure, that person is a good influence to your life to be worth it. So, how do you keep track of school and maintain a balanced life?

When your life is organized, it’s so much easier to figure out what needs to get done and do it, without extra distractions.

1. Establish a great study schedule and stick to it. Treat it like a job, that way you have plenty of time at night and on the weekends. Also, don't make those weekends 2 day weekends, 5 day weekends. Don't start on Wednesday or Thursday night. Basically the trick to balancing is to make sure you have time for everything.

2. Schedule time with your friends and if you have a boyfriend, don't spend all your time with him. Make sure that you include yourself as well in some girlfriend time.

3. If you’re gonna work during college, pick a job that suits you well. You know, it will gonna be too toxic and overwhelming and one that helps you balance things.

4. Don't forget about balancing your health. Make sure you're maintaining a healthy lifestyle in college. That means everything from eating right, getting some exercise to being safe and using condoms.

Creating work-life balance can be challenging for many people but for college students a lack of balance can become overwhelming if healthy living and wellness isn’t factored in to the overall equation. Balancing coursework, roommates, co-curricular activities, finances, personal relationships, etc., in a totally new and different environment is a tremendous change for students who may be coming from a world where most of their basic needs were taken care of.

Also, if you are a student and you are in a romantic relationship, as if you are in cloud nine and nothing matters except that special someone of yours. Your education is the one that gets mostly affected or it’s the other way around, your love one is taken for granted because you’re too focused on your studies and you don’t give time for love. But thinking wisely with a heart is the best solution so that neither love nor your education will suffer. If you are starting your college life, it would be good to do some planning. Yes, planning! In life, if you plan ahead of time you get better results. It’s about keeping all in balance. You don’t need to choose between love and study because you can balance them. Love should not be an obstacle to your studies and your studies should not be an obstacle to your love life.

Just manage your time effectively. Set some priorities and most importantly, cut out all procrastination and other wasted time. Figure out what really matters — Take time to reflect on what’s important to you. Are you neglecting anyone? If so, it may be time to make some changes to your lifestyle. You need to remember that your happiness is worth a lot more than anything money can buy.

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