Monday, July 22, 2013

College Tips: How to Prevent Unwanted Pregnancy

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A surprise pregnancy in college is never the best case scenario. You should always visit student’s health or planned parent nearby or you plan having sex or not. You wanna be prepared and make sure you always have condoms on hand. That means you need to self-advocate around sex.

Speak up, use your condoms and get used to using on rollin' a man or a guy. And you always, always carry your own condoms with you. And finally, what you're gonna do is get educated about birth control methods. There are many available for you girls out there, including the pill and Depo-Provera but that doesn't mean that you shouldn't use condoms as well.

Teenage pregnancy is a rather frightening reality that can change your life in an instant. The good news is that teenage pregnancy is avoidable: By not having sex, you never risk getting pregnant. If you do decide to have sex, it's best to stay informed of about what you can do to avoid unwanted pregnancy.

You should know what will and won't result in pregnancy. With sex in general, there are a lot of myths about what will get you pregnant and what will keep you from getting pregnant. A lot of these myths are simple misinformation, and some of them are lies designed to deceive you. Like, oral sex cannot result in pregnancy. As long as the penis does not come in contact with the vagina, there is no possibility that oral sex can lead to unwanted pregnancy.

You should also understand the effectiveness of different forms of birth control. All birth controls are not created equal. Some work better than others, and some are preferred by different individuals for different reasons. It helps to know a little about what each form of birth control is, and how effective they are.

Remember that many types of sexual intercourse can cause pregnancy. The best thing to do would be to talk about contraception choices with your partner before having sex, as there are many choices such as the birth control pill, condoms and spermicide. Well, there are ways to express affection for each other, and to be satisfied with each other, without having sex. To cope with your natural urges, masturbate. Though this is treated as a given for guys, few girls are encouraged to do so – often because they’re told that it’s gross other that girls don’t do it. It isn’t and they do. Having fun with masturbation will not only help you satisfy your libido, but will also teach you about your own body and sexuality, making sex far better when you do have it.

The only way to be 100% safe from an unwanted pregnancy is to practice abstinence (having no sex at all), although this can be difficult in long term relationships. Include your partner in your decisions. By making them aware of your concerns they are much more likely to be cooperative with you.

You can also try to use some playful pleasure toys and you'll be surprised on what magc it can do!

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