Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Sex Tips for Him: How To Please a Woman and Get Laid Like a Champion

So, you've gone on a few dates. You had fun and you even made out a few times. She likes you or at least you think she likes you. She tells you that she doesn't fuck on the first date but it looks like she doesn't fuck on the 8th date either. She's been calling herself your girlfriend, now you're getting horny but she won't patch. Well, I can help! Just follow along and I will teach you everything you need to say and do in order for her to drop her panties and beg for your cock between your thighs. Just watch this video until the very end and I'll give you a special treat!

Most people know me by my first name and when girls scream my name in the bedroom, it's Jack Gary. I'm gonna tell you some few moves that will make your girlfriend just as horny as you. It's actually much easier than you think. In order to get all these moves, you have to watch the video until the very end. Trust me, it will all be worth it.

First of all, be reliable. In order for a woman to want to sleep with you, she needs to trust you first. It's a woman thing and it actually makes sense. You can't blame nature when you can't make your dick wet.

Get proactive. When it comes to being reliable, you have to be there for her. That means you can't be late, can't flake out on dates and when she's alone and crying because her boss yelled at her, you better be at her doorstep with a box of tissues and ice cream. The more she can trust and rely on you, the closer you will be to having sex with her.

Be patient. Sure, waiting until you get to the point where you are boyfriend and girlfriend and to have sex feels like a long time but you never wanna push it. It's a little bit like sitting on an egg and waiting for it until it hatched. Last thing you wanna do is hatch the egg prematurely and find yourself with a stillborn bird. Eventually, she'll take off her top and let her big beautiful breasts drop into your face and she'll be begging for your delicious manly and next time it won't be cold cocks.

Be romantic. There are number of ways to be romantic. Probably think of a few classics like a nice dinner and a movie, a picnic in the park at sunset, a hot air balloon ride, anything that will sweep her off her feet and ride on to your dick. Think romantically. The more romantic you are, the more she will be willing to express her affection in a sexual way.

Be a turn on not a turn off. Turning on is easier than you think and it might even start with taking a shower and cleaning your room. No girl likes a messy guy. You might also wanna get a new outfit and your car detail. The more you take the initiative to look fuckable, the more fuckable you will be. You will get her in second no time.

So, there you have it! Take these tips and suggestions to heart because they will be responsible for getting you laid. Half of it though is completely up to you.

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