Monday, September 9, 2013

The Best Oral Sex She Ever Had - How to Go Down On A Girl The Right Way

This is an exciting episode because we'll gonna talk about some pretty amazing knowledge that every guy wants to have. It's a little bit like holding onto a super power. However, this super power can be given to anyone.

In this video, we'll talk about on how to go down on a hot college girl the right way. This is muff diving for pros. Just watch the whole video because at the end, you'll receive a very special treat.

When it comes down to it, giving a hot girl oral sex is a little bit like going on treasure hunting. Once you find where "x" marks spot, you can essentially start digging. When you finally get there, you'll start to hear moaning like you have never heard in your life and then an earth shattering orgasm that might get you evicted from your apartment and arrested by the campus police for a noise ordinance.

You have do it right. Giving her oral sex is not as simple as merely thrusting your tongue into her vagina and making it do the wiggle. Mind-blowing oral sex requires some actual technique.

If you follow along to this video, you'll learn everything there is to know about giving a woman an oral sex or change the way she looks at a men's tongue forever. Just make it till the end of the video and you'll be given a special link, a little something extra so you can learn so much more.

Now, your first step in giving a hot college girl the best oral sex she has ever had is to find the clitoris. Knowing where the clitoris is a little bit like finding a buried treasure. One you've find it, you've hit the mark. You can find the clitoris a few millimeters above the opening of her vagina.

Next, you need to find the G-Spot. The mythical G-Spot, the atlantis of female body part. The G-Spot is located in the vagina. If you insert two fingers and make a "come heather" motion, you will find the G-Spot. That is of course if you two are facing face to face. Once you have the literal lay of the land, you need to work your way down. That is why they call it, "going down".

First, start with her neck. From the neck, kiss downward. Slowly as you caress her body, massage her breasts with both hands and take your fingers then pinch her nipples if she likes that. Use as much hand as possible. This will ensure the most erogenous pleasure. Once you have her begging for more, you can start to work your way down her other regions.

Lick on the clitoris directly with the tip of your tongue. Don't go anywhere else. The more you focus on the clitoris, the more she will keep on a steady stream of orgasmic vibrations. After a few minutes of steady and focus licks, you can then insert a finger and then two fingers. As you licking her clit, massage her G-Spot. Make sure to be soft and gentle but focus on the G-Spot like it's a trigger of a gun because soon enough you'll gonna make her blow!

If you wanna have the whole orgasmic experience, use a vibrating dildo or some of a kind of erotic toys. Just in case your fingers and mouth gets tired, always have a back-up plan.

There you have it! How to go down on a college girl like a pro!

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