Monday, May 13, 2013

College Makeup Tips and Ideas: How To Get Soft Lips for Oral Pleasure new hot college girl, Keybi shares a quick and effective way for you to maintain soft luscious lips using ingredients right from your kitchen counters. When dating or just simply hooking up with someone, college girls would really like to engage themselves in seamless lip-locking moments and give the best oral pleasure to their boyfriends.

Basically, there are two main ingredients that you’re going to need from your kitchen on how to get soft lips; they’re brown sugar and Olive oil. As a substitute to the brown one, you can simply use the refined sugar. Just take 1/2 tease-spoon of each, put them in a container, and mix them all up. Sugar is a natural exfoliator that helps remove the dead and rough skin around your lips; especially when your lips are really chapped. This college makeup tip is really useful during winter because it’s when our skin tends to dry up a little warm. The Olive oil moisturizes and provides the essential Vitamin E that locks in with the brown sugar granules. Then, easily plammer the mixture in a spoon using your fingers. This is really a phenomenal college makeup idea.

You can simply apply it with your finger or use a makeup brush to achieve those kissable sugar-coated soft lips. Try to also exfoliate between 30 seconds to a minute; dependent on how rough your lips are. To remove the coating, just simply use a face towel. It’s high advisable doing it on top of the sink because the coating tends to crumble down and it would be a lot easier to rinse it off with water. This is really a great quick make-over when rushing your way through the campus hallway or the diner or even the library.

Sometimes, the Olive oil tastes bitter but the sugar can just take it away. But here’s what’s more important, your guy won’t be able to resist you once you start kissing him.

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