Monday, April 29, 2013

College Girls Tips on How to Seductively Attract Men in a Natural Fashion

Hot College Girl Candice wants to share some sexy tips on how to attract men. Actually, it really doesn’t matter whether you’re in or out of college. These techniques on attracting men will definitely work just about the same. The main thing on how to attract men is getting noticed. You probably won’t be the most attractive woman in the room but you can be at the advantage of acting in an ultimately feminine fashion.

Believe it or not, but guys aren’t really turned on with sarcasm and playing smartie as they might appear to be. But they are, at all times, way way more attracted to the much more feminine woman; just like displaying grace and proper poise. Typically, if you are that type of woman then definitely other will get jealous of you. For sure, there were many times that you have seen a woman who’s not even that close to the being called “pretty” but she’s way way more attractive than you. And instinctively you just get jealous. Maybe she’s not even that good looking at all but she got the essence of being an attractive women.

Basically, it’s just the same thing on the opposite side, men. So if you want to attract men then essentially you got to wear the feminine colors like pinkish (i.e. Legally Blonde pinkish style) yet elegant enough made out of soft material. Then definitely wear a longer hair that makes you stunningly sophisticated. Men would really love a woman who’s discreetly flirty enough just by using some gestures or subtle body languages. Looking grumpy though you’re sexy is really really a big turn off. But a simple smile could really turn the aura positively.

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