Friday, March 22, 2013

College Girls Comfortable About Hooking Up

Naughty college girls have always regarded college as the ultimate hotbed of sexual possibilities. Saying that hooking up is the norm rather than the exception would be an understatement. Hundreds of movies have already used casual sex and friends with benefits dating as their theme.

Private dorm rooms, independent living, plenty of free time, parties, boozing, plus hot college boys make a great combination for irresistible college hook up. Making out was already big in high school; getting it a notch higher in college seems to be expected. Add to that the peer pressure from other sexy college girls to compare notes about boys.

Some would say drinking and partying have a lot to do with college hook ups. In fact, plenty of collegiate parties are set up precisely to encourage hooking up. But for others, alcoholic beverages are not necessary for flirting, making out, and eventually having sex with someone you've just met. The intent to do so should be enough motivation for most.

College girls into hooking up must be able to handle this kind of lifestyle, though. Most college boys will tell you that hooking up is a fun and footloose way to have sex, but what about girls? You must be sure about yourself before going into the hobby of hooking up and having casual sex. Some girls are too emotional, so hooking up may not be for them.

This is the point where you should start asking hard-hitting questions to yourself about the kind of fun you’re willing to have, especially since it involves your body. Ask yourself first if you’re up for it. Does hooking up make you feel good about yourself? Are you aware of the rules of the game and are you willing to follow them? Are you sure you won’t ask for a serious relationship with a person you had casual sex with? If you can truthfully answer yes to these questions, then hooking up can be very fun for you! 

In an era where independence is valued more than commitment, a sexy college girl has a choice to start expressing a preference for hooking up with no strings attached. If this set-up is cool to both parties and no awkwardness is experienced, then it can be a good way to have fun and feel confident with your body and sexual abilities.

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